Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Jazz Player

This pastel painting was done very much as a something to do while waiting on something else I was doing drying. I do not very often have two paintings on the go at one time. Being a male I find multitasking something I am totally hopeless at. But this particular day I was listening to some jazz as I painted. I had been looking at pictures of jazz bands and jazz players so my head was full of images. I was transported to my youth. Those wild days; of music, dancing and above all colours, Kaftans and jeans and Cuban heels. I do not remember what I was painting that day but I stuck a piece of pastel board on my second easel and tried to capture a dream. The painting spoke volumes to me but not to anybody else it is still kicking about in my bundle of discards.

I stuck it on here because my daughter and I have a love of both books and music.

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  1. L'ensemble de couleurs qui enveloppe le personnage semble être des sons sortis de l'instrument. Intéressant...
    The whole of colors what envelops the figure seems to be sounds came from the wind instrument. Interesting...
    Sorry for the bad english!

  2. Not at all that is exactly what I was thinking and you said it better than me.

  3. I think it is fabulous, Ralph. I hope you don't discard it. What a juxtaposition between the abstract and the sax player. Just lovely!

  4. This *is* jazzy... in a very good way. I didn't listen to jazz until I was mature. Now I love it, but when I was a youngster it was all about Motown and the British invasion. I know what you mean about how music puts you straight back in time. it is always so interesting to know the story behind the creation of an image.

  5. This speaks volumes about jazz and the person who plays such wonderful music. The vibrancy of colours and composition. Congratulations on a great work....please frame it.