Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Cornflowers


I think when you read the other blog today it will be obvious why I added the painting I did. Not the complete still life of the tale but at least the symbol of love and care part of it. This was one of my very early paintings. I was going to say when I was still wondering what to paint and trying all sorts of things but it dawned on me that I am still at that stage. I still do not have a clue what I should be painting. Some people tell me to stick to the abstracts, others say do seascapes. I have a feeling I will always be like a bumble bee flitting from one thing to another. Somebody commented yesterday on my lack of lessons. I am sure I would be able to get my head in order with a few of those but the trouble is I just cannot for the life of me paint when I am in company. That is not exactly true I was once asked to paint as a demonstration of abstract art and that I enjoyed. That of course was all planned. I just cannot sit and be creative with others even watching me.

This was painted on a canvas using acrylic paint. I was one of my very early sales being bought by somebody seeing me about to hang it. I did another very similar which I gave to a charity group who sold it and gained a fair amount for their funds. So although it is far from wonderful it has done some good and brought some joy. Kind of mission accomplished

Between the two blogs I have shown both versions of this painting very similar but not exact.

This post is linked to my other where I give a tale:- A Still Life to Save a Life


  1. Love this one also. You may derive something from lessons....maybe not. Analyzing your paintings I see adherence to the 'rules' you may learn in a painting class. How to set up a composition, colour selection, point of interest; leading the viewers eye, etc.

    All the rules seem to be inherent in what you produce. Many artists become less creative because they become so involved in following the rules. Many art masters did not have lessons either!

    Your spontaneous painting are full of life, emotion, energy and wonder. It is my personal feeling that lessons would restrict all of these wonderful elements in your paintings.

    Just keep painting so we can all enjoy! And envy what you do!

  2. Apparently we are bumblebees of a Buzz bzzz...I love this painting Ralph. Wildflowers are always gorgeous to my eyes and these powdery blues are some of my favorites.

  3. We must be fellow bumble bees. Your blog is so true for me as well. I attend about one workshop a year where they expect me to paint but it is REALLY hard. I can paint with company if I know exactly where I'm going. I even painted at the front of the church but that was definitely a God thing.
    Thanks for posting the nice bouquet.

  4. Très joli bleu pour ces fleurs... C'est tellement toujours féerique la fleur bleue!

  5. Oh Ralph what a beautiful painting and love the history behind the painting. Ralph, keep on flitting. Your don't need lessons on how to paint or anything else for that matter. You have a gift straight from God. It's only up to you to keep sharing that gift. All the best to you.

  6. It is the same for me with writing. I enjoy writing crime/mysteries and fantasy and both genres need a totally different style and approach. In one sense it is lucky I haven't become a big seller in either as that means you can be stuck forever. I do love a seascape and floral still life. 'Cornflowers' is beautiful. xx