Thursday, 29 April 2010

Autumn Watercolour

Autumn Waterclour

I said I would have a go at painting using watercolour. I spent Tuesday looking out my brushes and what watercolour materials I had. Yesterday I had a try at a little autumn scene. Well truth to be told I had three tries at it and this was the third of them. It is not by any means a watercolour like all the ones on the blogs of those I follow who inspired me to have a go. Will I try again? Yes I think I will maybe I will take them with me when I go away in my new caravan. Maybe practice will make me better at it I am sure Susan would tell me this so practice I will.

I found it very difficult. The waiting between the washes gets to me. I need to discover how to get as involved as I do when using texture and acrylic and my fingers. The discipline I am sure will be good for me. I will also not have a room full of canvas painted and stacked waiting to decide what to do with them.

This was a small painting about 6”x9” so did not take up much space. The other two were discarded into my bin and took up no room at all. This one was destined to go the same way but Ruby insisted on seeing it and said I should not. How about giving it to the first person you meet was her suggestion. Well that sounded an ok idea and would also I am sure fit in with Kim's lovely gesture on her blog.

Yesterday afternoon I went to hang the painting I did the other day there, Summer Showers. There was a lovely older couple sitting at the table next to where I was going to hang. They were having a meal but spoke to me commenting on my other paintings. They thought they could identify the part of the coastal path I had painted one of my other works. They were so nice I thought they were the ones who I would give it to. I explained it was a new thing for me. The seemed delighted.

I stuck it on the other blog because it speaks about new beginnings and choices. This was maybe a new start for me. Who knows what tomorrow may bring today I am heading back to the texture I think.

This blog is linked to my other blog where the artwork is used:-   New Ways New Days


  1. lovely painting - lovely colours

  2. Hi Ralph,
    Je pense que vous vous en êtes bien sorti avec cette aquarelle. Une bel ensemble de couleurs et j'aime particulièrement la manière dont vous avez traité l'eau avec les petites pousses...
    Aujourd'hui je m'absente pour quelques jours, je n'ai pas emporté mes huiles avec moi... seulement de l'aquarelle et du pastel, qui dormaient depuis longtemps dans mon atelier.
    Vais-je oser faire quelque chose ??... Si oui le résultat sera moins bon que le votre.

  3. Now why do I just not believe you. I have see what you can produce so I wait in anticipation.

  4. Ralph this painting is so beautiful! I'm not just saying that to be nice. It is so full of emotion and the haze in the trees adds an inviting softness. The colors, the composition and your gentile touch are wonderful. I can't believe you wanted to toss this one out too! Makes me wonder how good the other two were, but you just didn't notice...

  5. I think this is a very charming little painting - it has atmosphere.
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'm new to this, and really enjoy it.

  6. Honestly, Ralph. Maybe because watercolors are truly a favorite medium of mine, but I think this is a favorite Ralph painting of mine. So glad you didn't toss it.

  7. It's fun to take a pleasure Eye-bath in your watercolour-Autumn!

  8. wonderful little painting..lucky couple who received it! What a great idea..I am thinking about drawing some small little drawings and giving them to strangers..just for the fun of are an inspiration..thanks

  9. Lieber Ralph,

    wundervoll, es gefällt mir Wieder sehr, sehr gut ... du hast of this Gespür für Details ..

    Herzlich, Rachel

  10. Hi Ralph,

    Again there is a problem posting. In short Brilliant watercolor painting.

  11. Please tell me you are all being serious

  12. Nice...and I'm serious. Keep at the water colours - they suit you!

  13. Hey Ralph - thanks for the mention ; ) First you give flowers, then paintings - you'd be a great guy to bump into : )
    So I have to join the chorus and say that I really think you should continue with the watercolours! You seem to handle them well: nice white left in spots for some sparkle, generous, flowing washes - I'd like to see another tomorrow! BTW, how's the healing coming?

  14. I love this little watercolor. I thought the other watercolor you posted recently was my favorite, but this is just wonderful. The colors are muted, yet have rich autumn reds. And the soft way the trees sort of tease into the sky area... I like everything about it.

    You seem to have a more delicate touch with the watercolors... fine and sensitive, both with the color and the composition itself. I'd love to see you do more watercolors.

  15. This is beautiful, Ralph! I would like to see more watercolors. Actually, I would like to be the lucky person that sits next to you and receives one of your paintings! :-)

  16. Hello Ralph , wonderfully... i love this picture, it is so soft and tender !!!