Friday, 23 April 2010

Alpha- Omega

Alpha Omega

I chose this painting because the name of this painting seemed appropriate to the story of the day. Alpha the beginning and Omega the ending.

I have already told you that when I began painting I did not have a clue where to go or how to start. I read a few books and watched a few programmes on painting on television. I painted some flowers as you saw yesterday with not too much success. I thought I would have a try at an abstract. Now for some reason I thought abstracts had to make a real statement and that size was the name of the game. I purchased two really large canvases. I set about the task of creating two abstracts. The first was not a real abstract in the full sense of the word, more an abstract style seascape. Then this one, which I believe can be considered a true abstract.

When completed my family thought they looked alright but were sure they would never sell. Can you imagine my surprise when I got a request for these paintings to be sent to the USA. In the process of the sale of these two paintings I met a beautiful family and especially, Missy. We talked on the phone and have kept in touch ever since. She has encouraged me to keep going when I have considered stopping.

I hope she gets pleasure still now three years down the road. Painting has let me meet many friends and blogging has opened even further doors.

So this was the Alpha and who knows when or what will be the Omega? So I end today as Missy might, “Hey you all, thanks for being such great buddies.”

This painting was done on a very large canvas and painted in acrylic. It was before I found texture so the paint was laid on with brushes and made smooth. Now I paint large abstracts with my fingers and they are full of texture so it looks as though I still do not know where I am going.

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  1. You seem to have an inherent concept of colour and always use such strong combinations! Love the entergy in this one and in all your paintings.
    Look at many, many paintings. What sets yours apart seems to be the 'heart' in them.
    Congrats on this one.

  2. Yes your writings and paintings are full of "heart" - i think this one would look great on little cards too

  3. Oh the inside and heart of the flower! Says something about you, here, Ralph. Gorgeous.

  4. It means a BIG-BANG, a Conception, a NOVA, a great painting to me; and your lucky to sell it - hopefully to a good price also ...

  5. Lieber Ralph,

    Rudhi hat recht, Urknall Kommt gut, ABER ich sehe ebenso Darin Eine Blume, EINEN Ausbruch EINES Vulkans, ach so Viel noch ...
    es gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut ..

    Herzlich, Rachel

  6. This is such an engaging and vibrant painting! I agree, it also reminds me of the inside of a flower.

  7. Hi Ralph - I haven't been visiting this blog for long but you never cease to amaze me!! This work must be very powerful in real life.