Friday, 9 April 2010

The Gift

The Gift

Yesterday a friend asked me why I had never used this painting in some of my stories because she was sure it would have fitted many of them. In fact I was sure I had but it may have been when I started blogging and had no one but myself reading them. I thought nothing of that; I am always humbled and amazed that so many people take the time to read and to comment on my scribbling.

She remembers clearly the day I painted these hands and put them on my website. I can also remember that day very clearly. I was painting a pastel that day, a seascape. It was one of those atmospheric evening seascapes I so love painting. There is something so calming about walking a beach late at night with the moonlight catching the waves. My hands were covered in black and Prussian blue pastel. Before I washed them I looked and studied them. I felt pleased that these hands sometimes brought much pleasure in what they allowed me to create. I do not know what became me, but the next thing I knew I had another bit of pastel paper on the easel and I was painting my hands.

I have strange little fingers, they are crooked. You do not notice this in the painting. Did I do that on purpose? I do not know. My daughter has the same little fingers. We often joke about the fact there would be no need ever for DNA checks to prove paternity.

The painting was done on black pastel paper. I called it the gift, because I feel so fortunate to be able to express myself when words are not enough.

I am sure I have written before this painting was bought by a blind friend because his partner said it spoke to her on so many levels. One day soon Andy and I have agreed that he will sit in front of an easel and together we will attempt to put on paper some of his inner pictures.

If some of those who read my blog can remember seeing this before I apologise but for my friend, as promised, I post it again. The Gift.

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  2. Vos mains ne sont pas aussi de travers que ça! Si vous voyiez les miennes!! Je pense alors que cela est dû au fait que nous soyons des artistes.
    Je ne lis pas les lignes de la main, attention!
    J'aime cependant la manière dont vous les avez dessinées, elles vous inspirent la générosité, la bonté, celle de recevoir et de donner.

  3. Fabulous story and imagery behind this painting Ralph. I've often thought of starting yet another art challenge, asking people to create the ideas in MY head...much as you plan to do with your blind friend. Can you imagine? What fun!!

  4. Ralph I have passed the Happy 101 Award to you. Please visit my blog when you can to check out the rules.

  5. Very nice blogs, Ralph! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and for your kind words. I truly enjoy connecting with other artists so please do stay in touch! Your art is beautiful!

  6. Open hands as you've painted them have so many meanings! They seem to invite and welcome, without defense or aggression. So are your stories, Ralph, an invitation to step into the world of your creation and consider things. Thank you!