Thursday, 22 April 2010



This painting should never have been included here but I just could not in the light of what I was saying on the other blog today. This was one of my very early paintings one of my try and see how it goes paintings. I did it and let a couple of people see it and then stuck it in a corner and forgot about it.

I had been painting for a few months and had as yet made no sales. Then I had made no real effort to make any sales at that stage. I did not think anybody would ever want to buy any of them. I have told you before about the inn not far from where I stay that sells a real selection of hand pulled real ales. I started to visit this place when I moved back to this part of the world; I used to sing in the upstairs room on there folk nights when I was in my early 20s. Being me and a person who talks to anybody and everybody I soon got to know folks in the place. They were to be organising a draw of some sorts for a charity and were looking for prizes. The manager asked if I would donate a painting which I was more than happy to do. It was agreed that the painting would be of the winners choosing. It was also at this time he suggested I start hanging a few for sale in the inn.

When the winner of the painting approached me I invited her down to see what I had offering if there was nothing she liked to do one for her. She looked around and to my surprise saw this one lying in the corner and asked if she could have this one. I asked if she was sure because it was not among the ones I was showing her. She said she was and left happy to have it.

Not a sale but somebody, a stranger to me who had expressed a wish to own one of my paintings. What a nice feeling and the charity also gained in the process.

The painting was done in acrylic on a canvas. Please do not ask me what flowers are in it some I will name some only exist in my head I think. But as I said on the other blog does it matter if the thinking is right.

This blog is linked to my other blog where this artwork is used:- Flowers and Flowers


  1. You have come a long way in your artistic journey since this one Ralph! Much prefer your current florals and poppies; this one definitely lacks the vibrancy in today's work.

    But excellent for a beginning piece.


  2. Your story brings me back to my early stages... with some difficulties and doubts about my painting and the art.
    Now i look at my firts paintings with some love and tenderness and fortunately they haven't been sold. They're the testimony of our own sensibility in this time like a photo...
    I like your bunch of flowers. My first painting was a little child with a big bunch of flowers in his arms...

    Lorsque vous racontez l'histoire de la tombola, j'ai fais la relation avec celle d'un ami peintre. Elle est toutefois différente et moins élogieuse.
    Un tombola était organisée, il lui fallait donner une toile pour une oeuvre. Il ne voulait pas offrir une bonne toile! Parmi ses anciennes toiles il en avait choisi une qui ne lui paraissait pas excellente... loin de là paraît-il!
    Son épouse était présente lors de la journée de bienfaisance et elle avait acheté un billet de tombola, question de participer...
    Vous imaginez la suite ! Elle a gagné le gros lot! le tableau que son époux avait offert!!!
    Discrètement, elle en a fait don à une autre personne...
    Comme quoi il y avait comme un certain attachement, un lien avec cette toile. Elle voulait retrouver son créateur!

  3. It's funny how different people are drawn to different pieces. About a month ago I added about five "old" paintings to my blog. I hadn't posted them previously because they just weren't very good, in my mind. But several people commented that this one or that one was their favorite. Glad your winner found a painting that spoke to her!

  4. I too can talk to just about anybody. Fascinating, people are, don't you think? Gosh Ralph! You've done so much in this life! I really want to see a photo of you with the waist length hair though! Come know you have one somewhere, right?

  5. Hi Ralph, I just read this , the post to which it is linked and your poppies post. Your words say so much and touched me. I am glad that you kept a piece to give your self some joy and good memories, too. As far as this piece, we all have one that is a turning point piece. You are ready to acknowledge growth by showing this to others; that is a good thing in itself. And the person who claimed it, saw and loved the truth you painted at that moment. How wonderful for you! And her.

  6. Hi Ralph,

    " Beauty is in the eye of the the beholder". I am so happy this painting made someone happy. This painting was just the beginning of what was to come. You are an excellent artist.

  7. This may be an early piece but it is still lovely. I am a trifle biased towards any floral paintings, I must admit. xx