Monday, 22 November 2010

Alone With The Wild Waves

Wild Waves

Alone With The Wild Waves.

Alone I wandered the rugged shores,

with troubled thoughts.

Through the valley of shadows

moved my tortured mind.

White capped sentinels high towering

mystic majesty.

Roaring, pounding, surging forth

to gather all before.

Yet gentle touched the breeze upon my skin,

and washed away the inner dark

with cleansing power.

Light in the sky speaks of the light of life.

Behold the beholder.

At one with all around.

As I am part of all I see

and it is part of Me.

This blog is linked to my other  where I tell the story and thoughts behind this painting and the poem I have now attached to it..   Wild Waves and Wild Thoughts


  1. Your words send tingles throughout my body. I love how you express yourself about your art. I like this painting, Ralph. There is something behind being passionate about what you're creating. When you did this, you didn't stop and think, I don't know how to paint. You were moved and you reacted. You created. Simple as that.

  2. Ralph, I like this painting

  3. lovely painting Ralph!

  4. Cette peinture reflète votre âme... bises

  5. Hi Ralph ... I like this painting very much - It has great movement and feeling. :)