Monday, 1 November 2010

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

On my other blog I was talking about the art of loving yourself. Now by that I did not mean thinking you were the most wonderful thing since sliced bread, I meant simply being aware of your inner worth and being.

To be able to do a good self portrait, I think, takes an amazing depth of honesty. It is, in my humble opinion the most difficult thing to do.

I have, as you know painted others, some of them I am pleased to have done. I have also painted myself and I am not so pleased with that.

I wonder if I will ever try again.

The reason I ask this of myself is because I was asked by a family member yesterday if and when I was going to make a better portrait than the one I have already done.

I am aware that I did not make a good job of this first attempt. Because of that I am a bit wary of going there a second time.

Can those of you who have done a self portrait offer any guidance?

I am also aware that I would never hang such a painting. There seems to be something not right about hanging your own picture .

Now if I had children still small and living at home this sure would keep them well away from the fireplace.

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  1. This is an excellent self-portrait. You are indeed very brave for even making the attempt.

    I think I told you I had to do one while studying art at university. I did a 'rear view'. I simply could not see 'me'. I do think you have to know who you are before you can paint a 'self'. So I don't have to ponder that question as you do. I will never know nor appreciate a "me" well enough to do that kind of painting.

  2. Je pense que ce n'est pas simple de faire son auto-portrait. Déjà en ce qui me concerne je n'aime pas me voir dans un miroir!
    Bisous et faites Ralph comme vous le sentez.

  3. Hi Ralph..fabulous! a wonderful portrait! Your wonderful spirit certainly shines through.

    There are times when I somehow end up in my painting in some way..and I didn't even intend for that. so I always find that in some ways it is an indirect self-portrait I suppose!

    I love your self portrait..fantastic work!
    Great read!