Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Autumnal Hedgerow.

This painting was done after one of my walks along the coastal path. As I walked I caught sight of the plants in their autumn colours at the side of the hedgerow. I came home and painted two such paintings.

I really did enjoy painting them. I used thick acrylic paint and most of it was done using my fingers. The other one sold this one I brought home yesterday from one of the places where I hang paintings.

I am aware that autumn is almost over here and that it was a year ago I painted this and I still have it.

In the course of the year it has now hung in two places, maybe I have to accept that it is not right. There is something about it that makes it a painting nobody wants.

I just wish I could put my finger on what it was because as I have said already I like it.

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  1. Beautiful and unique Ralph.. a gorgeous piece!

  2. Well I like it. You can always send it this way!
    Maybe today the painting isn't enticing ... maybe there too many others of yours hanging that take preference.
    But, tomorrow, who knows how preferences and attitudes will change ... and you will find it sold.
    Please don't paint over, It is a wonderful full-of-life statement.

  3. Ralph, thanks for this blog again! One day when you are "finger painting" could you post a pic of your hands? with paint and all? Landscape art is a funny business, maybe the colors don't go with the couch? Did you know that "popular colors" are determined a year in advance (NO, it is NOT our choice!) and are predicted based on Parisian underwear?

  4. J'ai cru reconnaître cette toile Ralph... et pour cause! Je l'avais trouvée magnifique et aujourd'hui encore je la trouve très représentative de l'automne...

  5. Eccezionale!!!
    Mi piace moltissimo la forza e l'istintività che hai regalato al dipinto.

  6. dear Ralph..I think this is a lovely painting. Sorry I have been absent for so long. Glad to see you are still here!