Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The West Wind Blows

The West Wind Blows

West wind blows

where it goes.

West wind blows

trees and grass bend to face the east.

From where will come our aid?

As the west wind blows.

Unseen yet all around the winds of change

course through our lives.

Like trees and grass we bend this way and that.

At the will of the unseen manipulator.

The desire to BE.

The yearning to be filled.

The tree holds firm,

its roots deep into the soil.

I hold to you the chi of all,

and in the storms you hold me fast.

Secure and yet still free,

to BE much more than I dreamed.

I have a passion for walking along the coastal paths and the high places of Scotland. If Scotland has anything it has weather that is unpredictable. It is said in the mountains of Scotland you can experience all four seasons in one day. It is a fact I can vouch for. This means that I frequently set out in one kind of weather and then there is change and I am in the midst of something else. 

One day I was walking the coastal path in sun the next it was dark windy and raining. I came home and painted this and another version of this same painting. But the weather does not only inspire scenes of beauty it also provokes thoughts of change, and our place in the midst of such changing beauty. 

Both this blog and my other consider this today.  The Winds of Change



  1. I am liking your poetry, Ralph, a lot of emotion with few words, gentel brush strokes! You will be climbing again.

  2. Lovely Ralph.
    Have been experiencing much rain too and you've created the perfect emotion.

  3. The poems are good Ralph, the words are meaningful .. as far as I'm concerned you'll be writing for a long while..

  4. Changing weather is great because you can paint a series of the same scene but each has a different feel to it. It's clever because I can almost feel the wind and rain hitting my cheeks as I look at this painting :0)

  5. both paintings are lovely!and could only come from a lovely, loved, soul.