Wednesday, 24 November 2010

At One With Creation.

Feather On The Beach.

At One With Creation.

O to join the whale on silken cruise,

To dance with the dolphin

               and sing their songs of joy.

To soar with the skylark high

                    filling the air with melodies

                       comparable with the greatest

                                        symphonies of mans creating

To run with the deer o’er moor and fell.

Swim upstream with salmon

                                   homeward bound

                                                     To see the beauty,

                        in the gossamer wings of the butterfly.

Dance in thermals,                               
                     silent and uplifting.

  To devour the scent of petals,                   

        fragile glowing colours.

                                                   Rainbows bow across the sky,
                                                   Myriad dancing flakes if silent snow.

                                                   To feel the beat

               at the heart of natures creation.

    Throb with the inner pulse of earth.                

Enveloped in its shroud of peace.

For man is oftimes bound on paths            

                   destructive avenues of death

Creating imbalance in his pursuit of selfish gain.

Chi of all being                                                 

               lead us back to green pastures,

       open Eden’s gate.           

That we may sense again the peace.                   

In dominion yet not the dominator,                    

              fellow worker not destroyer.

Then all the world will shout,                              

                   so let it be.                    

I chose to add watercolour to today’s words for a reason. It is so easy to find ourselves in a place where we cannot help but saying that we are caught up in the beauty of it all. I remember one day standing at the end of the beach just where the track climbed away from the sea. I was talking to a man out walking his dog. I said to him, “Is this not just so beautiful?” he immediately agreed and began to identify places and point sin the wide panorama of the place around us. I said nothing, because what I was talking about was the feather lying at my foot. I had been caught up in the wonder of its creation. Yet birds have many such feathers and each in its own way is a work of art.

This painting was given to a friend as a gift. Recently somebody commented to me about it. I think I will try this one again having since that day look at many feathers on the beach, who knows I just might be able to make an even better job.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that my ranting have not set you off on a bad start.

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  1. Indeed a better start than the past several days. Thanks for the thoughts...thoughts to ponder in silence!

  2. "whale on a silken cruise" POWERFUL image in 5 words, Ralph!

  3. This painting has been one of my favorites also and the words you've added just adds to the beauty of it.
    Through the years whenever I've seen a feather on the ground I could not just leave it. Therefore I have a collection ..from owls and hawks down to the tiniest baby bird feathers.
    This painting makes me glad that I've always kept them.
    An old Indian folklore tells us that finding a white feather means someone we love is contacting us from the other side... Thats a beautiful thought isn't it?

  4. Your walk today brought about such good thoughts. I love the phrases in this poem. I'm happy you are still able to walk. I think its important that you do so.

    I saw a movie last night and part of it took place in Scotland. The scenery was magnificent! Absolutely breathtaking!

    The hype on celebrities is false. Its the celebrities themselves who thrive to see themselves in print, so no one will forget them. For the most part, at least where I'm from, it isn't an issue. But my town is famous for its bottled water... The world is not perfect. Artists are commissioned to show beauty to those who haven't yet seen it. Good day to you, Ralph.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful - and such a different style too. It's so good that you can change how you paint to suit whatever subject you choose :0)