Thursday, 18 November 2010



Why does the wind blow

                  and the flower grow?

Why does the rain fall

                  and trees stand so tall?

Why the hurricane,

                           tornado and earthquake?

Devastation, fear and death lie in their wake.

Why does the child die so small?

The evil man grow old and tall?

Life brings many questions to my mind.

It seems no answers to be found.

I stand in dread.

I see the boat upon the shore.

In wonder stand,
                                 and see.

Not the answers, that I seek.

But an end to the questions that I ask.

As nature takes me by the hand

and flights of  wonder shows.

And in lifes knowledge daily grow.

This painting was inspired by what this poems tries to say. I am not sure the poem expresses well my inner thoughts or the painting what the eye saw that day. But the feeling was intense and a moment I will never forget.

It was  Sharonwho made comment on the first time that I posted this work. She said if I remember correctly that it might make her look at what is around her where she lives. That made me feel good that day because it seemed to say just what I was thinking at the time of its creation.

Sadly it still has no home. But it will always be a painting I remember and I will never paint over it.

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  1. This is a wonderful painting... it looks so much like many places in Florida that I see all the time.. Sand dunes, grasses , water and sky.
    Life does bring many questions, but I don't know that we are meant to know the answer to all things. But they do make us think.. don't they?

  2. I always liked this painting. Your words are so profound and bring much more for the viewer. Its as though I'm looking at it for the first time. Sorry to hear of your pain. I wish you a speedy recovery. I know how much running means to you. It will be difficult to put it aside for awhile.

    Take care of yourself and be well.

  3. I remember this painting too. I loved it last time you posted and I'm thrilled to see it here again! It's so pretty and serene! Glad to hear from you!I hope you feel better. Not that I ever worry about you, or anything... ;)

  4. Thanks, Ralph, for introducing us to your poetic and human side! The painting is great and the poem helps to understand the emotions within it.

  5. Très belle peinture et belle ouverture d'esprit... Que la peinture et la poésie puissent vous aider à avancer encore et encore... Bises