Friday, 12 November 2010


 I thought that it being the day after the official day of remembrance and a few days before all the official marches and parades. All the political manoeuvring and pomp that surrounds such a day. I would do my own simple thing and share some of my poppies with you.

Some years ago at this time I wrote the following words.


I was low, in dark despair,

Caught in the time warp of my own

black and lonely abyss.

No thought beyond my own.

No care beyond the cares of selfish me.

My only thought was why?

Why me?

The beating drum of ME, ME, ME.

and MY, MY , MY.

Drowned every sound

except the selfish hammering in my head.

Then there before me,

blood red in all their glory.

A field of poppies.

The vibrant hues pulled me from the pit,

Back into the reality of creation.

I thought of years of blood,

poured forth in such a field.

Wars fought, that I might have this day.

Free to wander along the way.

There before me in all their glory

A simple field of red.

I heard the birds rejoice in glory

and no more thought of ME.

And in the sound of silence,

the beating drum went still.

And I drank again the deep refreshing joy of life,

and left with thankful heart.

How precious each beating moment is.

This blog is linke to my other. It iIs Not As Even As It Seems


  1. Hello Ralph
    Wonderful poppy. One of my favorite motives

  2. Ralph, such beautiful words - your writing is pure inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a wonderful tribute. This eloquent poem says it so simply and true.

    And once again, absolutely love what you do with poppies on canvas!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. I thank you for your kind words. Poetry is not reallymy thing at all and I amsue the wordsmiths who read this will agree with me if they are being honest. But I trully thak you foryour kind words.

  5. well, you made me laugh when you commented on mine. this poem is not as bad as all that. it has moments where it soars, truly. and some rough spots...but that is life, and us, too

  6. Hi Ralph ..... the poppy paintings are lovely, and your poetic words - beautiful. :)

  7. Ralph, these are beautiful! The colours are exquisite :0) It seems that many of us bloggy people have poppy's in common right now :0)

  8. hi Ralph your poppies are lovely and your poem so beautiful.. I hope you feel better soon. Diana