Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Conspirators Again

I have not produced any new works since my last post so I return to one that is on my mind at this point of time. If you read my other blog you will maybe understand why.

This painting was done after doing a sketch of two people sitting in together in what seemed to be a very conspiratorial way. I just could not resist painting it.

It was a painting that many people commented on but nobody seemed to want to purchase. My son said that he loved it as a painting but it was not the sort of work you would hang in your home.

I am glad to say he was proved wrong. The painting sold very recently, purchased by a young couple for their home. I hope they have much pleasure from it.

It was done using pastels and mounted.

I hope to have at least one new work tomorrow I have made a start of an abstract I hope to complete today.

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  1. Actually, I find this painting entices one to stop and ponder! Love it

  2. I love this composition Ralph! I can almost hear the conversation.....

  3. Ah les copains de bar! On dit que les femmes sont bavardes mais en réalité les hommes le sont davantage. Dans votre peinture Ralph ils sont pris en flagrant délit ! Beau travail...