Monday, 31 January 2011

The Wall

The Wall

Yes I have used this abstract before. Painted after a walk on an autumn day and seeing a crumbling wall covered in fallen leaves and moss. A large abstract on a large canvas that still takes up space in my study.

I keep looking at it and wondering what to do with it. It has a great deal of textured paint on it, so no at all easy to paint over.

I added it to today’s blog because I thought it fitted well with my story and my thinking. As a negative this could be seen as just an old crumbling wall, and an unsold canvas.

As a positive it can be seen as a thing of beauty and a canvas still looking for the right space to show its glory.

I hope a second look and a second thought inspires some more positive thinking.

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  1. Anything that inspires positive thinking is a winner, Ralph.

  2. An explosion of color and energy, I think it makes us come alive.

  3. Hi Ralph..such a wonderful piece..and it exudes powerful energy and is wonderfully inspiring! Shine is gorgeous!

  4. an explosion of leaves of light! reminds me of a song i wrote...

    am i the leaves on the tree,
    am i the trees in the field,
    am i the spilling of light into time?

    if my perfect destiny
    is to apprehend beauty,
    am i the leaves, am i the leaves
    on the tree...

    Ralph, i miss you.

  5. Une explosion de couleur tel un feux d'artifice... Bises