Monday, 17 January 2011

The Sand Of Time Move Ever Onward.

The Sand Of Time Move Ever Onward

There is nothing worse than growing older. Actually that is not at all true, there are a great many people lying in the local graveyard who would happily change places with me. But as each year passes more and more I become aware of the passage of time. Forty years ago I attended the marriage of friends of my wife. The other day we were all gathered to celebrate their forty years of marriage. There walking across the dance floor was the beautiful bride, well in fact the daughter of the bride who looked almost the carbon copy of her mother.

It was thoughts like this that filled my head as I painted this acrylic abstract. I could have painted an hour glass with the sand dropping through it, and maybe that is another painting for another time. Instead I painted what you see in, “The Sands of Time Move Ever Onward.” I tried to capture the idea of sand and differing ages of people and stages of life disappearing into the distance and oblivion.

Painted on acrylic paper and mounted behind glass with a stressed gold frame I think it says what I intended but I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I turn 40 next year and people often ask me if I mind. Well, I have two answers - yes and no! Yes because I don't want life to pass me by too quickly, but NO because the very fact that I don't want life to pass me by too quickly must mean that I love my life! That makes me feel very lucky indeed :0D
    Besides, with age comes experience and all the while moving further towards my potential!
    I was watching a programme on Rolf Harris the other day. He is 80 and yet SO full of life and new ideas. I'm sure that being so creative has kept him young and I reckon he'll still be painting at 100!
    I love the thought provoking paintings you offer. Just wonderful :0D

  2. I am not worried about getting older because in February I will be one (maybe two or three) years younger. Mentally I will be turning the clock back!
    Age doesn't mean too much to me ... I am still here so there must be something for me to do with today. And I do not feel invisible .... yet! I am still a presence. My only regret about 'aging' is that someday I will have to leave this place......I did so want to see man travel to the 'stars'!

    What a wonderful painting. I can hear the symphony in your will brighten another day for me.

    Truly a masterful statement! Congratulations.

  3. I love this piece, Ralph. For some reason, I am reminded of Lot's wife...

  4. I have just been told that some interest has been shown in the purchase of this painting.

  5. Before I read your text, I was looking at the painting and it made me think about people at various stages in their lives, quietly reflecting... So I'd say you achieved your intent with this one! It's very good! I like your style with abstracts. Your last few paintings have held great meaning and impact. I'm looking forward to more!

  6. Represents the journey to me - quite thought provoking. The painting holds my interest well - great job sir. As for age - I'm just glad to be here. I have much work to do before passing.

  7. Le temps passe si vite effectivement... les célébrations nous font prendre conscience de cette route infernale... Toutefois je suis heureuse de profiter au mieux de ma journée... et peu importe mes rides...!
    Très belle peinture pour illustrer le sablier de la vie.

  8. Great work Ralph. I was able to get lost in there for awhile and time stood still.