Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I Am All At Sea

I Am All At Sea

As I told you before I was challenged by a friend to do an abstract in blue. I am still working on it but today’s abstract is a step along the way towards it. When I think blue I cannot stop thinking sea. Maybe because no matter where I run each day I am always close to the sea. I cannot leave my home without my eye looking towards the sea not far from where I live.

So this abstract, and it was painted in the manner of an abstract, not at all like how I would paint a seascape, has ended up looking just like a seascape.

The friend who set me this task has since painted an abstract and tells me that it was a mind captivating experience.

Yes it is indeed. I find abstract art so much more difficult to describe than the painting of a landscape or any other of the many things I try to paint. In all of those I look and paint what I see.

In the painting of an abstract it is not so much what I see, other than I see an internal picture in my mind, it is much more about all the feelings that are going through my mind and body. An abstract for me is a total commitment.

Because of this I usually know the moment I am finished painting whether I have managed to get on the canvas or paper what I was feeling.

So let me assure you, this may look like a seascape but it is for me an abstract and if you look at the normal seascapes I paint and the palette I use I hope you will agree with me.

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  1. I love those purples in amongst the blues - This is wonderfully powerful!

  2. Whether abstract or realism or any of the other 'artistic styles'; art should move the viewer. A literal; by this I mean a 'photographic' copy; of a scene does not necessarily move the viewer. Even when painting a familiar scene; I think one should at some point let go of the 'visual' and just 'paint'the feeling that inspired the scene in the first place.

    When viewing your abstracts one is always moved by the translation of the 'feelings' of your canvases. They are always infused with so much energy and emotion; and, yes, you transfer these to the viewer .... usually happy thoughts or reasons to contemplate the titles you affix.

    You may not have painted a 'seascape' here, but the beauty of this canvas is that the viewer can see and enjoy the moment of their translation.

    Congratulations on another great work; I can feel the energy of the sea in this one; and even feel the spray.

  3. I seem to always need to see reality in an abstract but I like seeing this as crashing waves upon the rocks at the sea shore! LOL I think it is lovely, Ralph!

  4. This is my favorite painting. You've given me a new type of art form to think about now: part realism and part abstract. It's like reality and fantasy are coming together in some sort of wild, wonderful combination. And it's up to each viewer to decide what he sees. But... the more I look at it, I really think it needs the remnants of a shattered, broken fence laying on the beach...