Monday, 24 January 2011

Friends at Heart are Indeed a Blessing

I apologise that I have not been here for a bit and that I have no new art to share I have added a full explanation for this on my other blog. I do so hope to be back to full very soon. Thanks you all for your patience and concern.

I have been making an effort to paint. A friend gave me a real challenge to produce an abstract in blues. Blues are not a prominant colour on my palette unless I happen to be doing a seascape. I have therefore found this challenging indeed. My first three have pride of place in my rubbish bin. I am enjoying the challenge and hope soon I will get something I like.

But before this I have to get this computer back to life.

This blog is linked to my other. Blessing Where Least Expected


  1. Good luck with your personal painting challenge, Ralph!

  2. Mon cher Ralph les défits aident parfois à avancer et à trouver une voie dans laquelle on ne se serait pas aventuré... Alors foncez! Bisous

  3. That must have been a very selfish friend to ask you to paint that blue abstract. And she is probably still eagerly awaiting the results of your creativity. Your abstracts are inspirational in the way they convey such feeling and expression. She probably wishes she could make art like that too. Just a guess.