Thursday, 20 January 2011

My Painting Seems To Be Like Buses.

Soaring Thoughts and Musical Moments

The Sands of Time Keep Ever Moving Onwards.

Have you ever heard the saying, “It is like a bus, you never see one for ages and then all of a sudden three come along?” It seems my painting has been a bit like that. I have painted the odd painting but have not been feeling at all creative. The paintings I was producing were, I am told of a fair standard, but they were not making me feel at all good in the production of them. I was going through the motions. I then painted one or two abstract paintings, my first real love if I am honest. Three sold in one week and yesterday another two have sold. So five of my last six paintings I have completed have sold, almost as soon as they were hung.

This cannot last. The strange thing about it is that most people when talking to me tell me they do not like abstract art, they prefer to know what it is they are seeing.

I feel I have another one or two abstract paintings floating about in the back of my head screaming to get out, when that stops I will return to painting the things people keep telling me they prefer.

In the Meantime I share with you again the last two that have sold.

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  1. That Sands of Time is one of my faves, Ralph!

  2. Chez moi on dit jamais 2 sans 3!
    Bravo mes félicitations. Bisous

  3. I would love to be able to create an abstract painting. How do you even begin? Do you have a "real" image in mind, or is it a spontaneous expression, like a stream of consciousness? I think it takes a very open, honest person to be able to create abstract art. I have a request. Could you do a painting with shades of blue?

  4. Like Katherine I would love to create abstracts such as you do. My inner visions do not soar on the wings of possibilities you create.
    Don't you think people see what they want to see.....whether it is a 'photographic' copy or an abstract.
    There is definitely much to ponder and behold in your abstracts. Keep up the masterful work!

  5. If you feel passionate about abstracts,...go for it!

  6. These are both wonderful Ralph! I hope you do what your heart desires. Clearly- it's working.

  7. Beautiful and interesting abstract that I found on this page, and I can assure you that I am passionate abstraction.

  8. Paint what's screaming in your head. You'll get dry and crusty if you try to paint what people prefer. What you think they prefer anyway. It's obvious from your sales, your work is appreciated. It is strong and passionate, love it! Process is the most important. Paint for yourself and if you wish for product, it will come. Paint on .....