Thursday, 27 January 2011

Spring Will Come Again

Spring Will Come Again

So here at last is the abstract in blue or as close to blue as I am ever going to reach. Somebody commented that one of my latest abstracts was less full of joy than my others. There was a real chance that an abstract with any more blue than in yesterday’s seascape abstract would be deeper into the melancholy. My initial thoughts about blue kept going back to signing the blues. I do love jazz and I love singers of the blues. The trouble for me was that that was not at all the type of person who had asked me to paint a blue abstract.

I was out running yesterday morning. I ventured off the beaten track and ran along the edge of the beach on the grass. My foot almost landed on a last remaining blob of snow. As my foot hit the ground this is the painting that hit my head.

I hope it goes some measure towards depicting what I was thinking.

From sad moments often comes those high moments of creativity. I have not painted for ages and all of a sudden I have painted more than a few that seem to have been liked by others.

When we least expect it something springs to life in unexpected places.

I hope I have risen to the challenge. I have a feeling that blue might appear more often in my abstracts.

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  1. I love the colors you've laid down here, Ralph. That green is inspired!

  2. Je vous entends d'ici Ralph... Je l'attends le printemps impatiemment.
    Très très belles nuances de bleus...

  3. I agree ... blue is indeed a melancholy colour ... at least for me.
    I immediately thought of snow disappearing and earth being exposed when I looked at this. Leaning towards Modrian with your 'almost' graphic areas I think
    You've given blue a new life here. Congratulations!

  4. It's an amazing painting by an amazing artist. It's a very joyful collection of blues. It's definitely not melancholy, although I detect a little bit of longing here and there. I wouldn't have thought of that title about the spring... I might have titled it something else... but that's the beauty of abstracts! We all have our own interpretation! Keep painting! I can't wait to see more!

  5. lovely painting. I tried an abstract today and failed miserably..but tomorrow I will try the colors by the way!