Friday, 28 January 2011

The Dance Of The Fireflies

The Dance Of The Fireflies

This original abstract was painted after two small events. As some of you know my computer crashed and I have spent much time rebuilding on a re-install of Windows 7. Most things were working except for my webcam and my sound card. The webcam I am told by the maker will never work on this operating system, it is like me it has seen better days. The sound card was something else. I so like to have some quiet music playing as I meditate and start my day. Before I head to my painting space I like to listen to mood music to get me going. How I was missing these things.

With a great deal of trial and error I have at last found a driver for my sound card that makes it work. The first music I played on it was, “The Dance of the Fireflies.”

This is the resulting abstract of that event and the friends who make my life such a joy. The little words they say the little acts of kindness and mindfulness make my heart soar of high.

Do I manage to convey that in this abstract? I hope so.

I hope you all have a great day and an even better weekend.

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  1. Yes indeed ... it is a 'dancing' light hearted canvas. Congratulations.

  2. Nice tie in with your other blog and the music you used fits this piece beautifully!