Thursday, 5 April 2012

And The Earth Said Peace.

And The Earth Said Peace
This painting is similar to the one I used on my christmas cards this year but I have used another palette and made some changes. 
This is one of those paintings that i do not know why I painted it and that is maybe why it is another that has not sold. I was listening to some meditative music at the time of painting an I hope that the sense of peace I was felling is a part of the work. 
Painted on canvas using acrylic. A number of people have given me differing interpretations of what this painting says. In fact not long after hanging the painting i received a letter from a stranger who had seen it. The person thanked me very much for having hung it where i did and for having painted it. That said it has not sold.  I make that comment not because I see the painting as any less than any other I simply have been amused at the many comments and differing views people have of it. 
I do actually like it and I do find peace in it so this just might be one that ends up hanging in my own study.  I speaks to me of peace friendship and harmony and the fact that the world is bigger than any one of us. Alone it would indeed be a frightening place but surrounded by friends it is marvellous. 

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  1. I often find that the music I am listening too can affect my mood and so my painting too. This one has such a mysterious and dark feel to it. I can almost hear the music myself! :0)