Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Summer Days And Peace.

Summer Days And Peace

Somebody commented on my blog the other day that my art had changed since I last blogged. I thank the person so much for that comment. She also said that there was signs of more passion in my latest works. That may indeed be true. Sadly I have not been as prolific as once before, yet my paintings continue to sell.

There have been things happening in my life that may well have added passion to what I show, I have been trying to convey not what I see but what i feel in what I see.

I have shown this painting on my blog before on one of the rare occasions I did post in the last year. I use it again today because it does very much seem to fit with the theme of my other blog.

I painted this after walking one day. During the course of the walk I saw a number of groups of people and it occurred to me how some groups of people can seem threatening and worrying, while others make you feel that you would like to be a part of the group and enjoying the company. I saw one such group of people and as I passed heard myself say, "Is this a union meeting or can anybody join in?" They all laughed and said that i should feel free to stop and join them. I went on my way feeling very much at peace.

I tried to capture that little moment in this painting.

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  1. I think perhaps it has changed a little - maybe a little less abstract? They are beautufully painted. Such texture in those knife strokes :0)
    Have you seen the work of Antonio (link on my side bar) He paints in a very similar way to you. He also uses a knife and lots of textural marks - Mainly boats and harbours but some other things more recently. You should check it out :0)

  2. I can really get lost in this painting.There is such depth, its like you can reach in and pull out,.Beautiful