Friday, 6 April 2012

The Warrior Waits

The Warrior Waits

When I wrote my other blog I said I had not new artwork. I did though have a commission waiting to be done. I have worked on this all morning in an interesting fury of paint.

Painted using acrylic paint on a box canvas 40" x16" so it is a fairly large and eye catching work. Not exactly what I would have chosen but the whole theme has some meaning to the person for whom it was painted. 

As usual after finishing a work I am so full of doubts about my feelings, but as I say they are not really so important. 

I delivered this painting and at the time of delivery could have sold it three times. Customer is very happy with the finished work.

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  1. What beautiful, hot colours! It is such a vivid painting and the feeling of heat and sunset is really intense :0)