Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Warrior Watches.

The Warrior Watches

I said I would not inflict you with all of these painting and yet I find myself doing just that. This I think, I hope, is the last of the series of Warrior paintings.

Yes this one is very similar to the one I showed on my last post, but it has a number of differences. This one please note has no shield just his spear. It is also much smaller that the last one painted on a canvas board it is framed and behind glass at only 16" x 20" so much much smaller.

The warrior watches, what for the coming of the enemy or is he at peace and looking for his wife, lover or friends. No battle shield so not war but peace. ye he has his spear but that may just be for his own safety.

I have also added to the bottom the only other one I have not shared. Very very similar to the warrior waits but this one is painted over three box canvas.

The last of the warrior series. I have amazed myself in painting these, being a confirmed pacifist I have given this series much thought in the painting and have learned much myself.

The Warrior Triptych

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  1. 'Inflicted' is not the word I would use! I wonder what makes you feel that way?
    He is lovely and the colours, so intense and vibrant are enough to bring me out in a sweat! :0)