Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Warrior Prepares

The Warrior Prepares

Yesterday I painted nonstop for most of the day. I was working on the same theme I have been working on for my last two paintings. I have now done enough of these to call them the Warrior Series. I did promise not to inflict too many of this series on you and I will try very hard to keep to my promise.

I am finding it strange that I , a confirmed pacifist have painted a warrior series, but then not all battles are the battles against others, there is also the inner battle to be fought, and I have been fighting that these last few weeks.

Using the same palette and feeling full of good painting vibes I prepared four canvas. This one that I have used here which measures 40" x 16" and three smaller box canvas that together will measure pretty much the same size.

Ont the three box canvas I painted a triptych of The Warrior Waits, I wonder how long it will wait until somebody wants to give it a place to hang.  At the same time as painting these I worked on this one also, The Warrior Prepares. When complete I set them up where I could see them. A very good friend discussed them with me and pointed out, in a very kind way what might have been a mistake. I went to bed and in the middle of the night I awoke and was compelled to get up and put that "mistake" to rights. I also noted that the shield was far from straight but i have left that because in painting these I have looked at many shields and spears and dress and I am happy that shields were not made to perfection but to protection.

I hope the change i made has left this painting with the feeling i was trying to convey and removed the opportunity for the critics with the nails of despair a little less room for emptying my bucket of life.

For more on this idea see my other blog. I Do Not Need My Bucket Emptied.

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  1. Ralph, I really like this warrior series. The dramatic color and the distance you've captured in your skies is very alluring.

    Sometimes, no matter how big your shield is, the cutting words of criticism penetrate deeply. Even constructive criticism can feel harsh. As a teacher, my job is to point out both positive and negative and offer advice for improvement. I hope my words to my students don't leave them feeling hurt as you have been. I think your painting is beautiful and full of hope. I'm sorry you took a slaying because of it.