Monday, 9 April 2012

The Sound Of A Distant Drum.

The Sound Of A Distant Drum

As you can see from the blog prior to this post this is a second version of this painting. I so enjoyed painting the first one one and the person who commissioned it was so happy with it he insisted that I put it on my website so that others could see the finished work.

On the day I delivered it to him two other people offered to purchase it so I did warn him that if I put it on my website I might end up painting other versions of it. He seemed happy with that stating that his would still be an original because he could not see me being able to produce two the same and how correct he was.

Now the strange thing is this, this second version I think is already sold, and not to either of the other two people who offered to purchase it so I have a strange feeling that they may be another version of this pointing if not another two. I do promise not to bore you by posting them.

I am beginning to understand why Monet paired so many lilly pond paintings. He obviously enjoyed doing them and each time he would be striving to get something just that little bit better, or different. Like the little extra detail on the warrior shield on this painting.

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