Monday, 3 May 2010

Coastal Path on a Rainswept Day

Coastal Path on a Rain Swept Day

I wish to thank you all for all the very kind remarks about my Coastal Rain painting yesterday. I know that they were spoken with sincerity and this moved me.

I said yesterday that I would post the second of these paintings today so here as promised is it. This is another section of the coastal path I am fortunate to live close to. This path goes all the way from the famous Forth Bridge round the coast of Fife to the equally famous place of St. Andrews the home of golf.

My son moved into a house which looks out over the River Forth and this part of the coastal path is very close to his home. So when he bought this house it seemed that it was appropriate that this is where this painting should hang. It is still there today.

Again it was painted using acrylic and painted along with the one I posted yesterday using the same palette. They are not of the exact same part of the path so the vegetation was different. These two paintings brought me much pleasure in their production. The downside was when I was finished; I noticed I had splattered paint all over the place. It took me almost as long to clean up this mess as to paint the pictures.

This blog is linked with my other blog where the artwork was used:- A Tale for Kay


  1. So vibrant and alive. The coastal paths are definitely among my favourites.

  2. Hello Ralph, it is also very nice - so full light !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Votre fils Ralph a beaucoup de chance de vivre tout près de ce lieu... Très belles couleurs que sont celles de cette toile...
    J'aime cependant beaucoup la toute première vue.
    A bientôt
    Merci pour votre gentil mail reçu hier.

  4. This is a lovely painting also. The atmosphere actually feels colder than the first one.

  5. Ralph, I think you have captured the essence of a rainswept day with such wonderful color! I too live near the sea and feel the atmosphere of that kind of day an appreciate how you have handled. I do read blogs on weekends to try and catch up on posts that I had not had the opportunity to comment on during the week. I find blogspot to be inconsistent in adding some posts to the dashboard so feel I'm missing some artists' posting.

  6. How cool that your son hangs his dad's art work in his home! This is another beautiful painting, Ralph. Blues, greens, purples are my favorite combinations of colors and this is just so peaceful for me.

  7. Hello ralph, I wanted to express how much depth i see in your paintings. It is so Hot here in the south and we've been looking at the sky who as teased us about rain for some time now. I have'nt seen a rain painting in a long time. Its so delightful. I almost feel i'm there.

  8. Such a nice painting..