Friday, 21 May 2010

Ross 2

Ross 1 and Ross Version 2

The other day I showed you a portrait sketch I did of my son. I did it very fast yet I felt I had captured the nature of my son. My wife did not agree. She said she agreed it looked like him but was not just right. Yesterday I did this one. Again I worked fast; I try so hard to capture what I feel. This time I thought I would attempt to lighten it. I also tried to take account of the criticism made by his mother.

When she arrived home from work I had both sitting side by side. “You were right,” she said, “the first one does capture him better.”

Why did I use it on today’s blog? Firstly I thought I would like to see what you thought. More importantly here is a serious thinking man who throughout his life has faced adversity with humour. He was very like the student in the story.

At an early age in life he lost an eye and had a glass one fitted. One day his teacher had been, in his opinion, rather harsh on him. Later he asked permission to go to the toilet. On return to the class he was carrying his eye. “Miss, my eye came out and I cannot get it back in,” as he placed it on her desk.

The teacher told me this story later. She said she felt well fitted up, and thought twice about when to give him a talking to. I am sure all the teachers can tell similar tales.

Another thought. My son always jokingly assures me he will make sure he gets me a good retirement home. He makes me laugh and he is a great pal.

Painted using a white pastel only on a sheet of black pastel board: painted in 30 minutes.

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  1. The first portrait says it all as I mentioned when you sketched it.
    This second is fine; however it seems controlled compared to the emotion in the first.

  2. I totally agree with Ruby.

  3. I also prefer the darker, smokier version, Ralph. I'm not sure why...maybe it comes with more emotion, more a sense of the man himself for me.

  4. I agree that the 1st portrait is the better of the two.

    Love the story of your son and his eye! He definitely does have a wonderful sense of humor!! :-)

  5. I get the message loud and clear LOL but you see it was the one done the fastest and with feeling

  6. Lieber Ralph,

    um ehrlich zu Sein, mir beide Gefallen, beide Haben Eine Andere Wirkung, Das dunklere Sieht so aus fragend, Das hellere bestimmender Schon der Blick ...

    Sind beide Abers wundervoll ...

    Schöne Pfingsten wünscht dir herzlich, Rachel

  7. I really like the darker version. It adds a feeling of mystery. Nicely done.