Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hi Daddy

Hi Daddy

I thought this little sketch and the story behind fitted well with my little teaser today on the other blog. This is a sketch of Kirsty who live in Australia. We were talking about a painting and art one day. She also told me about how great a relationship she had with her father and how she missed him. He did not live in Australia and for the life of me I cannot remember where.

For a laugh, we decided to do a mock up of the Bob Dylan video with a sketch of her holding a message for her father. It was just a very quick sketch and we added the hat and the message sheet. She thought it would be fun and that he was sure he would love it. I transferred the file to her, I still have the original.

I have never spoken to her again so I never ever found out the outcome of the sketch. I just hope he liked it. I was reminded of this incident when Katherine spoke of giving sketches to of her students to them before they left school.

Please do not feel the need to comment on this it was a fun meeting and just a fun sketch. I know she enjoyed it and hence my reason for using it.

If you by any chance happen to see it Kirsty would love to hear the end of the story when you showed it to your dad.

This blog is linked to my other blog where the sketch was used:- Dear Dad


  1. Hi Ralph,
    De telles anecdotes sont toujours plaisantes et font partie de la boîte aux bons souvenirs.
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée...

  2. What a great sketch and a fun collaboration! Well done, Ralph!