Sunday, 23 May 2010

Doodles and Portraits

The Gardner.

You have all seen this portrait before, well most.  In my other blog I mention Archie. He is a marvellous character.

He loves baking. Yesterday when I met him on his plot, like me weeding, he gave me a present of a large cake of shortbread. "Take this to your old father in law."

I have a little doodle I do. It ends up like three little parrots sitting on a branch. It is done with just a few strokes of acrylic. I have it on my specs case. Archie wanted me to do one for him on his. We sat in the sun and I did the two minute doodle.

He has had great pleasure showing it to others and laughing about how easy he did it.  As I say a real character.

Yesterday I sold another painting making three in a week. It was time to do something. So yesterday I gave Archie his painting and my son his.

I hope they both enjoy having them.

Tomorrow I will try to be more light hearted. Life is indeed wonderful.

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  1. A GREAT portrait Ralph !

  2. You have such intensity and passion for life, Ralph. I rather want to see those parrots myself!

  3. Really good portrait. I'm sure Archie loved having it.

    Post the parrots - would love to see them!