Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Floral Dance

The Floral Dance

I read recently, in an art magazine, a number of letters about the rate at which people paint. I have read on some blogs the same discussion, in one or two where it seemed somewhat heated.

It always makes me wonder why so much energy can be spent on such matters. All those creative juices, flowing back and forth. I think it was Susan who said, something about each person having to find what is right for them.

Yesterday I showed two portraits of my son painted in pastel using only a white pastel. It seems the general opinion was that the better of the two was the one that took the least time to accomplish.

This “painting” I used today was one of my happy accidents. I was laying down a ground colour of yellow ochre. I had a painting in mind where I was going to use the lichen I gathered on my walk. I was at the same time putting white on another canvas. I accidently touch the white paint with the ochre brush. I loved the effect created, so left it. Having looked at it for a moment I went on to create similar strokes and effects.

So here it is a very minimalist painting in three colours. They make me see those little flowers that dance in the breeze. Of course these are not real flowers, does that matter?

Flowers have learned to dance in the wind. They know if you fight against it the wind will win, and break them. So they dance with it and create beauty. I hope that is what my other blog was saying also.

Painted using acrylic in yellow ochre, white and burnt umber.

This blog is linked to my other where I use the artwork   The Joy of Obedience


  1. Lieber Ralph,

    Ein wundervolles Bild, Mann Sieht SIE tanzen, Sich wiegen im Wind, SIE view glücklich aus ...

    Ein schönes Pfingstfest dir

    Herzlichst, Rachel

  2. Oh to lay in this field of daisies and rejoice in the wind, watch the clouds, dream dreams...

  3. Dans un premier temps j'aurais dit que vous aviez utilisé des plumes pour créer ces magnifiques fleurs... tant elles me semblent aériennes...
    Bel ensemble...

  4. I love that you took a simple accident and turned it into a piece. Yes, flowers dance in the wind, but also the viewer dances w/ the flowers.

  5. Wonderful loose painting. I can feel the fresh energy of it. I like my paintings but someday I want to paint like the breeze like you do so well.

  6. there is such a rhythm to this piece. Happy accident indeed.