Thursday, 20 May 2010

Summer Rains in the Park

Summer Rain in the Park

As most of you are well aware I have been struggling with an accident. Fortunately it is almost a thing of the past; I am getting back to the old me.

The worst part of this time has been the feeling that I was no longer creative. I binned more paint and artwork than I produced anything of worth.

It was getting me down. As hard as I tried, nothing seemed to work. So can you believe my surprise yesterday? I began to prepare to paint a cocker spaniel for somebody. I did a trial sketch and I was feeling that given time I just might manage it.

That said I was still not full of confidence. Over the weekend I sold a painting, a large one. Yesterday the one I did in the midst of my low period sold. I only put it out to hang a week ago, not believing that anybody would want it.

It has been purchased by a couple who have already purchased from me. They had made a special trip over to see it having seen it on my website.

I was not going to put it there, so I thank all of you who told me that I should. I really do need to trust you.

So today I tackle the dog with a new enthusiasm.

The painting you have seen before. It was painted in acrylic, using mainly my fingers and a knife.

This blog is linked to my other where I use the artwork. Real Prosperity


  1. This painting is GORGEOUS !!

  2. Ralph, you seem to be just as hard on yourself as you tell me I am about my own stuff. But you sell, sir, so I think you do not give yourself enough credit? I couldn't sell a piece to save my life! I love the feel of this piece...Old London...Old Vienna...Old Prague...and a bit of Vincent Van Gogh in there as well!

  3. I love your loose style! Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to seeing your dog!

  4. Well named! I love your loose style as well. I can't make up my mind... somedays I want to be a realist and the next I want to create art that is loose and imaginative. The later is really hard to accomplish since I don't have much of an imagination. :-) Congratulations on the sales.