Monday, 17 May 2010

Two Paintings


I chose two paintings today. One of myself I am sure some of you have seen before. One of my very early attempts at painting a self portrait. I do not know at all what went wrong with this painting. I has ended up not looking at all like me. As you know I am young and handsome with not a grey hair in my head. This portrait looks very like the old man who lives behind my bathroom mirror, the one who growls at me every morning.

This was painted using pastel on pastel board. It lies hidden in some drawer somewhere out of sight. Do not want to give too much encouragement to that old grump.

The second painting is of a large semi abstract. It was painted using acrylic paint with the addition of sand to create texture. This painting was one I was about to give up on and consider a repaint.

As you will be aware if you read the other blog, yesterday brought me to my senses with regard to my level of fitness. So with that in mind I sat down in the awning of my caravan and mused of the day.

It was then I received a message to tell me that this painting had sold at lunchtime today.

Is it not strange how things often turn round to bring balance to a day.

With that in mind I go to rest this evening to face tomorrow. I am so missing reading all your blogs but will be returning home very soon and will make a point of catching up with you all.

I hope this is for all of you a day of balance and joy.

This blog is linked to my other where I use these paintings:- Getting Younger Every day


  1. Congrats on the sale, Ralph. I think the self-portrait is fabulous (and was noting the greens you used in the forehead...unless my monitor is off; thought it was quite a neat use of the color).

  2. I love the self-portrait, Ralph. And good news about the sale! xx

  3. I do like the colours you chose for the portrait Ralph... :-)

  4. Congrats. I so enjoy your homour, you make me laugh. They are both very good to me, i cannot paint people or pets (yet), and i think you gave it a good go. The second one is my fave. I see so much in that painting. I have sat here just admiring. it realy takes me away.

  5. je sens rejaillir en vous une certaine pointe d'optimisme et j'en suis ravie... Ce sera aussi pour le plein grand bonheur de nos yeux... merci de nous montrer ces deux toiles...
    A bientôt

  6. The self portrait is excellent and I am certain looks just like the 'old grump' you see in the mirror. Congrats on another sale.

  7. Excellent self portrait Ralph. Congrats on the sale as well.