Monday, 21 June 2010

The Eye of the Storm

The Eye Of The Storm

Today on my other blog I am talking about compassion for others. To be compassionate we need to be able to see past ourselves and have some empathy.

This painting was painted at a time of deep inward looking on my own part. Caught up in what was happening to my self and my at. It was during the time of the pain caused by my accident. That is no excuse for inward self indulgence.

I decided to try and vent this through a painting and this was the end result. It is not at all surprising that this now lies in a corner facing the wall. It will not sell and it cannot be painted over, there is far too much texture on it.

One day I will dispose of it. But it is a good reminder that if we become tight and inward looking then our painting can also become tight and indulgent.

It was painted using acrylic and sand. I called it the eye of the storm, I could just as easily have called it contemplation of the naval.

I can look back on it now and smile and the day after a good fathers day is the best time ever to laugh at oneself.

Sorry for today indulgence and thank you all again fro following and sticking with me.

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  1. Not sure why you think this won't sell, Ralph. I think inward self-indulgence is quite ok at times. If it takes over ones life and makes one bitter, then of course not. Still and yet, I like your title for this piece and can see exactly that here.

  2. Yes I agree with Autumn Leaves .... I think the painting is worth showing .... The colour and movement are quite exciting .... and with the texture as well - has a lot going for it.

  3. I see it as a beautiful piece. We must also have compassion for ourselves- something I think helpers like you so easily forget.
    As someone who has thrown out scores of past creative efforts- I understand your sentiment expressed about this piece- but as an onlooker- what you see isn't what I see at all. Keep it.

  4. Maybe the reason you don't like this piece is because of the memories it brings back of a painful time. I like it very much. It has so much movement in it. To me, it looks like rushing water. I think you should offer it and see if it sells.

  5. Ralph, I do like the colors and movement of this piece! I'm going now to read your blog about empathy. Seems there is little of it in the world today.

  6. Don't you dare dispose of this, Ralph! It is too beautiful! I have no doubt that it would sell. Now, I must read your piece on compassion.