Monday, 14 June 2010

The Wall

The Wall

I added this painting today because my blog was about some of those times when we fail to see the good that is there to be seen, because we are so caught up in the pettiness and complaints of others. This painting I have shown before and although it is still kicking around my space it was a reminder of the message of my blog.

I was out walking and came across what on first site looked like an old disused wall. It was crumbling and would, or could become a future danger. The plants were putting roots between the bricks and making the cement crumble.

Then I saw the wall another way. Instead of seeing the bricks I saw the colours of the plants contrasting with the brickwork. A myriad of squares of colour.

I tried to capture this idea that even in the midst of despair and ruin there is always something of beauty.

It is getting near the time of decision for this painting. It is a very large canvas and it could very easily be painted over. I have one or two other thoughts in mind but its days are numbered. Maybe from it another even more meaningful artwork could appear.

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  1. I see this two is as though you are looking down on something...maybe a bonfire with viewers standing around or sitting around and looking down at the fire. I also see it as if one was inside of a well or a hole in the earth looking up and out at the sky...A really neat thing in a be able to see two totally different scenes.

  2. Now i have Pink Floyd in my head Thank you!..haha. Thanx for dropping by Free Wing, I so enjoy hearing from you. The white in the center bring life to this. The depth makes you want to reach in.
    cheers. (;