Sunday, 20 June 2010

Too Late To Crow Today

Too Late To Crow Today

My other blog today blog was about sharing your thoughts with others before it is too late to do so. I remember the last time I saw my old grandmother. I had visited her just before heading off to live on the remote island of Iona to work and study to try and get into university. She was so pleased to see that I was trying to improve my life. I know she loved me very much, we were very close. But as she waved to me that day I did not know it was to be the last time I would see her. I might have said other things to her if I had.

I learned from that experience. I genuinely hope that those who I care for are in no doubt at all about that. I take time to tell people that I care. I suppose being a minister and conducting so many happy occasions and so many funerals also made me aware of the need to say things to others before it is too late.

Anyway less of that and more about this painting. I have used it before. It was painted while listening to one of my favourite Rolling Stones songs, Little Red Rooster. It was kept abstract in nature to not only try to convey the proud rooster but also the depth of the feeling the music aroused in me.

Painted in acrylic and one of my early abstracts. One of those abstracts that helped me to understand what went on in the production of an abstract, coming from deep within. I often think of it as painting my inner eye.

Oh, happy fathers day to all those fathers who read my blogs. I wonder if this was where all this emotion came from today.

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  1. Ralph, now this is an abstract that I truly love. The colors are fabulous and I must say that it is also my favorite rooster painting ever!

  2. Hi Ralph,
    I think the foto is not really good but I can see that
    the cock ist so expressionist, I like it a lot

  3. A perfect mix of abstraction and realism. You're varied interests are always intriguing.

  4. I agree with AutumnLeaves on this one. What a beautiful rooster. I was raised on a chicken farm. Unfortunately all the chickens were white. Even though back then I had no love for chickens, now I think they are very interesting painting subjects.