Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Yell

The Gift

Today I have put two paintings here. Some of you will have seen them before. As I said I have no new ones completed but these two were the topic of a discussion a couple of days ago. A friend had been looking at my website and had identified those two paintings as two that made him thing. His words not mine. He likes things that have little colour and leave the message of the painting very much to the viewer.

He is a good friend who has recently gone through a difficult time with his health and a relationship.

We talked about these two paintings, well one is a painting the other is a rapid drawing. I noticed on Kathleen’s blog the other day a discussion about when was a drawing a painting. I found that interesting. In the end does it matter if it brings pleasure.

The pastel of my hands has long gone from my possession but the Yell drawing was still around.

I gave it to Ozzy and hope he continues to enjoy it. I am not sure I would like it above my bed. But there you are again not everything as you would expect it to be and that adds fun to life.

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  1. I would prefer this HANDS before DÜRER's praying hands hanging over my bed - and the nightmareface is amazing 'fusely'...

  2. I thought how perfect for Ozzy...(yet I was thinking Ozzie Osbourne! LOLOL)...

    I think these are both beautiful paintings, Ralph. The Yell reminds me of a small child throwing a huge tantrum. Who hasn't been through that with their kids? What life in both of these!

  3. I love your hands painting Ralph. The Yell drawing really captures the emotion. Hope your feeling well.