Thursday, 24 June 2010



I am so sorry that I have inflicted this on you as today. I am not sure how many posts I will be able to make during the next few weeks. I am to be on holiday. So today I went back in my other blog to almost the starting point of a great adventure for me. The adventure that has brought me to this moment in time. So what other of my art could I use but this terrible self portrait.

Some day I will attempt to do this again. Who knows maybe even while on holiday? One of my very early attempts at painting people. I just never did get it right. I did get one thing right though, the thing that people have always said throughout my whole life. I think I got the wicked twinkle in the eye right.

This was done in pastel.

Yes I could have left you with a better artwork but that is what the twinkle is all about.

I will do my best to put on some posts while away but if I do not manage as often as I should forgive me.

There is that wicked glint again. I will be thinking of you would love to think I was in your thoughts just once.

Have a great weekend till I post again.

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  1. the portrait is expressiv, a Like it,

    happy holiday!

  2. Have a nice holiday Ralph !

  3. Lieber Ralph,

    einen feinen Urlaub für dich, komm gesund wieder...dein Selbstbildnis ist genial!!!

    herzlichst, Rachel

  4. Enjoy your trip Ralph! I am happy you left us with this though, very interesting

  5. It is really well done! The expression is sincere and the colors are harmonic. I like it!

    So have good luck for this weekend. Regards from Greece!

  6. Hi Ralph, hope your having a wonderful trip, and we will wait for your next posting. Enjoy them a lot, haven't done much in the comment department as you know I was in the moving mode .. Thank goodness that's over ..