Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Silent Thoughts

Silent Thoughts

In recent times I have been suffering from painters’ block in a big way. I have used more paint producing nothing of value than ever since I began painting. I have switched from medium to medium with little success. One or two of the things I have produced I have shown here before going on to discard.

This was one such painting. At the time of showing it here one or two people said that they liked it. I still, me being me, had great reservations.

Yesterday I was asked if I still had this painting by the owner of one of the Inns where I hang my work. I had taken this in to show a friend the day I had painted it. It was still wet.

He like me was not too sure about it. “It has something, but I do not know what it is,” he said. We stood and talked and others made comments. I lifted paint from wet spots and added it to other places. Before long the comments were flying.

“How about a wee bit of that yellow on Archie’s nose,” said one wag? Eventually the painting was returned to my workspace to be painted over.

It is painted on a very large canvas and it takes a lot of paint to cover it. For that reason it has kicked about and nothing has happened.

Now I know it will never sell and this is causing me a real quandary. The owner seemed to think it was ok. Would I be insulting him if I gave it to him, knowing that I am not at all sure about it? The story on my other blog is about sacrifice. Is there any sacrifice or real giving when what is gifted has little meaning to the giver?

This was painted using acrylic on a large canvas using only my fingers. The title of the work says it all I think, because it does not say anything very much to me at all.

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  1. It's a *bliss-ghost* to me, Ralph; and if an art-lover want to buy it as it is, it's perfect WABI&SABI as it is; no matter, what the painter means; who paints? It's life itself...

  2. Ralph, if the "giver" is aware that the "givee" likes the piece, what matter what it means to the giver? Knowing that a piece has meaning to someone else and you in turn give that piece as a gift is a testament to your big heart!

  3. Painters block eh?, sounds like you need some inspiration. What do say about a lock and key? a skeleton key. I'm trying something like that for my next show comming in July. 6 pieces. wowe.
    NEVER "discard" any of your pieces, i have along with many of my artist friends, and i have deep regret. And how do you know it will never sell? i was told to me once that when you hang 2 pieces and you favor one and dislike the other, your certian that the one you like will sell. youll see that the one that you dislike sold,your taken aback.