Tuesday, 1 February 2011

T in the Park (Joy).

T in the Park (Joy).

I have been so busy these last few days preparing for my new computer that I have been unable to paint. I have therefore today used one that some will have seen before.

This abstract was painted after have seen a report of the large summer festival that takes place not far from where I live. The people attending the festival seemed to be really enjoying themselves and a sense of togetherness flowed from the screen. I just could not resist trying to capture that feeling and mood.

Amazingly the painting sold very quickly. I was sure if it sold at all, it would have been sold to a person who had attended. In fact it was bought by an older couple who just found it cheerful.

As you know my computer was crashed by a technician supposedly helping with the install of his companies software. I have spent over a week getting it back in working order. My family have insisted that it is time to say goodbye to it and I await the new one.

I suppose I should be jumping with joy and full of the emotion of this painting. Reality is I am kind of attached to my old “Gandalf.” My new computer uses a different operating system altogether and will take time to get used to, and feel the same comfort I do with this one.

Computing is a bit like painting, it is so easy to just stick with what you know and what you have.

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  1. This scene reminds me of a wonderful oil painting that my Uncle Danny once pained - It's very similar! There is so much action going on created by those very lively marks. Also there seems to be so much detail and yet there is actually very little - if that makes any sense at all! Very clever! :0)

  2. It is so easy to 'stick' to and hang on to what is confortable but think how dull it would be not to experience new and wonderful 'things' and ideas.

    You will totally enjoy your new 'mac'....the wonder and joy of exploring and discovering the 'new'!