Saturday, 4 September 2010

Be Still

Be Still

It was good to hear again from my friend Missy who purchased yesterdays art. She also at the same time bought this one. Yesterday she and her secretary read the blog about her painting and said that it gave them some pleasure. I have therefore today added the second of her paintings.

It does actually fit well with the theme of my other blog this morning. The power of words, to cause hurt or healing, to bring joy or sadness. Art also has this amazing power, to say so much without the use of words at all.

This painting tries to capture in an abstract way the sense of power in waves and nature. It also talks about the struggle we have to find inner peace. Many have commented to me about this painting and its title, “Be Still”. For that reason I will say no more about what I was trying to say in it.

I was painted large and on canvas using acrylic.

I know it continues to bring some joy to my friend and for that I am grateful.

If we can say a small thing to uplift another or paint a picture that gives others a joy, we have succeeded.

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  1. I know you've posted this piece before, Ralph, but I can't remember what you said at that time. For me, I find myself wondering at the title 'Be Still' when these crashing waves and shards of mountains seem anything but still to my mind. I love the excitement of the impending storm here!

  2. This is a very powerful painting and beautifully done. The oranges really add to the energy and sense of movement.

  3. Peinture puissante et très énergisante également pour le spectateur....