Friday, 17 September 2010

Its Jackie Again

Its Jackie Again

Yesterday I posted a sketch of Jackie. I did say it was just a sketch and that I was aware that it was not a good sketch. I posted it because he was a person who fitted the nature of my blog.

I am so glad that I did. Fellow bloggers got in touch with me and told me how I might change it, work on it, and make it better. It was so refreshing to get some real good feedback.

As most of you know I have not touched any paint in ages. Yesterday I thought I would listen to you and have a try at doing this again.

One or two have seen my effort and have pointed out where it can still get better. I have never worked with just pencils before. I love the smell of paint. I love the touch of it and its spontaneity. I never ever dreamed for a moment that I would find something in a few pencils.

So today I post Jackie again. Both, the first and the second version. I know Susan and Barbra will tell me it still has a long way to go. I know they are correct.

But that is exactly what I thought this little blog was all about. I started this blog to show a fellow artist how I had produced a certain painting. It just went on from there.

Now it is back there and it is you showing me. Thank you all. Feel free to ask me to add anything you wish in this blog.

Susan asked me yesterday about the new trainers. I am just about to go out and try them for the first time. The painting Kim did of my old smelly ones, she tells me she sold. Congratulations. Imagine my old smelly trainers hanging on a wall somewhere. Maybe the owner wants the originals? Ha ha.

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  1. Ah yes! Like the darks you've included in this one; the face has more volume and dimension as well. Congrats. Keep going.

  2. I think I would call this one finished. I like the way you've brought it further along , developed the darks, and see blending.. your a good student... but leave this one.. take what you've learned from it to the next one... what makes a good artist?
    Practice, Practice , Practice.

  3. Good Morning Ralph! I am agreeing with Barbara, go on to the next one. "Practice" is so true about welding too. I can teach you to weld in five minutes but to get good at it requires 2000
    hours! If you know that at the beginning sometimes you won't even start. Wat keeps the student going is that each piece is better than the last piece. You are off to a good start!

  4. Amazing improvement! What more can an artist want? Congrats and move on to your next artistic venture.

    You're too kind to me...

  5. Hi! Just stopped by to wish you a nice weekend.