Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Conspirators 2

The Conspirators 2

I just could not help using this painting again today. Yes I used it not so long ago, I am aware of this. I painted just a short time before I had this painters block that I am going through just now. I still have it, it is hanging in one of the inns where I hang works for sale.

I do not think it is going to sell, but after the lesson I learned from so many of you the other day I am aware that this does not matter. MY son actually made the comment that he thought it was a great painting but not one you would hang on your wall.

It is a painting of two friends, husband and wife. They are a couple who I have never heard them say a single bad word about anybody. The title therefore is probably not the best of titles, it just seemed to fit.

They are a wealth of little good stories about other people, not the gossip type, just they always have something good to say about the most difficult of persons.

Fits well with the other blog theme this morning, I hope you agree.

I painted it using pastel. Whenever I start painting again this will be the first one I will change. I think I might even just give it to the couple. You never know they might like to hang it on their wall.

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  1. i will follow you, if you follow me:


  2. I think you should give them the painting today! It will help you to feel good about yourself and your value as an artist, to be able to bring this joy to others. And I think you might need a reason to start your art again, and maybe in a new direction. This is the link to the Sketchbook Project that I'm having so much fun with. There are also several organizations online that are calling for artwork to benefit the gulf oilspill victims. Maybe if you find a reason to do your art, it will get you started up again? You keep mentioning it, so I KNOW it bothers you... Just trying to help. :)

  3. Ralph, I truly consider this one of my favorites of all of your works. I love how the man's head is tilted towards his wife. I love the grown up feel to the piece, the light in it...A fabulous work!

  4. I don't remember seeing this one before. I thought it was something new and I think its very good! I do remember another pastel you posted a while back that was really good also. Maybe pastel is your calling with art?

    I wouldn't change it. Its beautiful. But I do like the idea of giving it to the couple. Sounds just like you, to do something so nice.

  5. Lots to imagine with this painting, Ralph. Clearly there is a story in it and that woud be why I like it. It also has a ninteenth century feel to it that I find appealing. A lot of art today is just color swatches on the wall, your art is a nice contrast to this. Give it away? Oh
    yeah, probably, maybe, but not until I had something to replace it with. You still have the big canvas above the bar to do!

  6. I think this is really great and it would look fantastic on the wall of a bar or such like. There is always a place for everything - It's just a case of finding the right piece for the right place :0)