Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Calm Along The Coastal Path.

Calm Along The Coastal Path.

As you all know, and are probably tired of hearing, I am a runner. Now let me clarify that, I used to be a runner, and now I am a jogger who likes to tell himself he is a runner. What is the difference? The difference lies in the quality of running. A runner will complete a mile in 7 minutes or under, a jogger will take more than 7 minutes and a walker will normally take 15 minutes to cover a mile. I just try so hard in the mornings to be a runner but end up a jogger, glad I am not seen as a walker.

I say all of this because I realise that I have a big fault line running through my life. It was put there when I was a child. I was always told that I could do better. I heard it so often I now tell it to myself. I am doing it now as an “artist” or “painter”.

I always want to be like all those blogging friends who paint such marvellous works of art. The reality is, I have never had a lesson, I started only a few years ago. The big one of course is what you all so kindly let me know. I have painted some pictures and paintings that others have liked and more importantly I have liked.

You are all correct when you tell me to stop torturing myself and relax and enjoy. I promise you I am going to do just that.

This painting was painted to fill a space above a bar in a local hotel. It was painted on two canvases. They had to be narrow yet long. They were painted using acrylic.

I painted them so easily depicting what I had seen on one of my morning runs. Calm and relaxed sea the sun not yet out but winking its presence.

The painting was hung and fitted well. A customer fell in love with it and pleaded with the owner to allow her to purchase it. He eventually allowed her to. I have never got round to filling that place above the bar.

I hope this blog makes some sense to you. It is linked to my other where I am talking really about getting some perspective into our lives. To live life as it is.

This blog is linked to my other. What Was All That About?


  1. Your blog is really nice, your tought and works are so confidential, I like it simply

  2. I was always told I could do better as well, Ralph. I love this diptych! Beautiful!

  3. Good Morning my friend! Better? Yes, but that doesn't always mean faster. Sometimes stopping to gather sea shells, smell the roses, gathering blackberries, slower is better! Seven miles in seven hours, and catch the details! It seems you have a challenge ahead! Replace the painting in the bar! Thanks for everything, Ralph!

  4. The only way we can better is to practice. I too see alot of paintings everyday, online and off, and when i hang in shows, my "self taught" work next to a college taught. Not all artists are Right brained so to speak. I see alot of the left brainers in many works of art, De Vinci for one, who created more than just paintings.
    perhaps that left brain of yours the goal setter side, is all you need to keep "getting better". The key point while reading was that you mentioned that most important you liked it.
    The book Art & Fear has kept me well grounded. Check it out. hugs friend

  5. I use to be a jogger. Now I realize from your definition, I was actually a walker. I guess now I'd be considered a crawler. LOL!
    The hardest thing about always trying to be better is losing out on what you're good at right now.
    You are a wonderful person, writer and painter! No improvement required.