Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Work Goes On

The Work Goes On.

Apologies, that once again I have used two separate pictures on my blogs. The picture on my other is another angle of one of the mountains I have set myself as next weeks challenge run. I am already starting to feel the excitement at the thought of facing this marvellous mountain edge. The picture does not fully show the height and the feeling of airiness that such an edge brings to even the most seasoned walker, let alone fell runner.

On this blog I have posted the ongoing drawing. I am finding this a very time consuming yet interesting project. Thanks to all those who have sent me help and comments. I will soon complete it. I have tried hard to get the dark under the bridge correct but I can still see it is not right.

I will learn from this lesson. This picture is just for my learning so it will not matter too much that I have not got it 100% this time.

I know Katherine is now attempting to get to grips with watercolour and making great strides. I was wondering if maybe I should stick with the pencils but maybe add some coloured ones to my range?

We will see, as I say I am on a big learning curve and enjoying the experience. Who know what will be next.

I am so glad to have so many FRIENDS who are offering so much help. Why have I put friends in capital letters. Look at my other blog and there you will see.

Thanks to all my dear friends on blogging. Sherry is still in my thoughts and I hope things are improving for her.

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  1. I'm so glad that you're drawing this picture, Ralph. It is a reflection of who you are TODAY, and an expression of your need to be creative. You're following your heart into new realms of creativity. Myself, I've rediscovered the JOY in creating art, by experimenting with new mediums and sketching from life instead of photos...
    I think that's what making real art is all about. And you are doing it too!

  2. I haven't stopped by this blog in a few days. What a wonderful surprise to find this drawing! You're paying such close attention to your lights, darks and mid-tones. Look at how its defining your forms! Bravo my friend.

  3. Ralph, this is coming along so well. Perhaps your darks under the bridge need to be not so textured, but rather smooth . NO matter . it is as you say a learning experience and a good one at that.. I wouldn't do color on this one if thats what you mean... but you might want to try that on another subject. No rules here .. its your art. I think this drawing says "you" as its a subject close to you heart.

  4. The darks under the bridge...the sight line goes front to back.....how to explain what I am trying to say. Take your pencil and follow the curve under the bridge....do not erase what is there but go over following curve or hole under bridge.
    Don't touc the trees please, This is a wonderful drawing. Love the composition, the perspective. Congrats, can't wait to see it finished. By the way this blog is displaying twice

  5. What you mean displaying twice I cannot see it twice I can see yesterdays and todays which look similar but cant see this one twice.

  6. I see it twice too Ralph, but that is okay because I always read your blogs twice anyway to make sure I don't miss anything on the first read! I don't know anything at all about drawing except for blueprints so I am afraid I am not much help there! I do think the dark under the bridge in confusing with the bridge itself and being so very dark the eye is drawn there as the main focus. If that is your intent, it is perfect! but we miss some of the other details.

  7. Hello Ralph.
    It was nice of you to visit me on my blog and thank you for your kind words.
    I understand and read English quite well, but writing is not so good. So please forgive me my little bit, bumpy expression.
    You lived in Scotland? I have children in Aberdeen.
    I like your paintings. Especially the drawing to which you are working now. The shadow under the bridge is almost natural, and the stones are very vivid
    I wish you a beautiful day

  8. I would remind you ... it's the PROCESS ... not the PRODUCT ... that is important. At least to me, and I believe you realize that too ... draw, paint, mix media, ENJOY the process, product will come naturally.