Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lavender Fields Provence

Lavender Fields of Provence

I used this painting that I have shared before for one reason and one reason only. I share it with you.

I have as you know in the last few days been persuaded to have a try and using pencils. Inspired by Katherine and Barbra and Ruby and the drawings they have been showing on the blogs they write I have decided to give it a try. Yesterday I was in the room where this painting was lying, unsold. As I looked at it I saw that if I was doing it now I would see it in a different way, because of what I have already learned from the drawings and the advice given to me by Susan.

Now I like this painting, and I did enjoy painting it.

So in that lies a little dilemma. Do I change my painting style to incorporate what I am learning? Or do I try to keep the two separate?

Is art not a wonderful thing. It involves all of our being, hands and mind.

This blog is linked to my other where I am speaking about finding answers to searching questions. And that above is my truth that I need to know. LOL

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Très intéressant que de voir la manière que vous avez traité votre champ de lavande... rendez-vous en Provence... J'aime l'arrière plan de votre peinture avec toute la belle lumière... Bonne continuation.

  2. Good Morning Ralph, isn't life Grand! As you learn and develop this new drawing technique it will sneak into your paintings for sure. I suspect especially your heavily textured work will have more debth and shadows. Every time I learn a new element with my metal work, I find it in the next pieces I make!

  3. I agree with Ralph. Learning to capture form whether with pencils or paint is the same. I teach beginners to paint. I mean "really" beginners. Adults who don't even know how to draw. How I get them to capture form is simple. Lights, darks and mid-tones. If all three are present, the illusion of form is there.

    A new class starts Thursday. If you weren't so far away you could pop in. Though you are far advanced from the students I get!

  4. Woops. I meant I agree with Jerry... lol

  5. I don't really see how you could "separate" the two since art is an expression of your heart, soul and mind, is it not?

  6. I can only speak for myself and if you continue on the two paths, you will find out for yourself.
    When I paint watercolor I definetly try for a loose style.. no doubt sometimes I find myself just poking and doing too much... Now when I do pencil work I know I want it extremely detailed .. I like when people say oh, I thought it was a photo. ,, thats what I strive for in pencil... It's my choice .. I like the looseness of watercolor , the tightness of pencil each has its own distinction.. and YOU will find your own way..

  7. Also, sorry I forgot ... they are so entirely two different mediums.. with paint you have color to help you form and help the viewer understand... but with pencil, its just pencil, paper and you .. and oh yes that trusty kneaded eraser. light,dark , middle thats right.. and your right out there for all the world to see. no trickery here. no masking fluid, no scratchy lines. no gouache ... nothin' but you and that paper and that pencil so go for it Ralph .... nothing more boring than not trying at all..

  8. Good afternoon, Ralph, seeing this pretty painting, FRANCE came to my mind right away. Loving the lavender fields {and the sunflower fields} dans la France!
    I threw two Ralph notes in the giveaway bowl. Fingers crossed!
    Hope your weekend is lovely so far.