Sunday, 12 September 2010

Abstract MM1

Abstract MM1

I put this art back on here today because it is probably the one abstract that so many people saw in so many ways.

In this abstract there is in fact the face of a child that is only noticeable if you look at the painting in a certain way. Some people see it some never ever do.

Some who see it like what they see, others find it eerie and worrying.

It is of course all how you respond to the painting. This is exactly what I am talking about on my blog today. How we respond to situations in nature and in life.

This painting was created using mixed media.

I have a you tube of how it was done.

This painting and another like it was purchased very soon after it was painted and both now hang in the same home.

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  1. I see a bird perched on a stump that is sprouting new growth.

    It holds life and hope and the warm glow of sun rising. It seems to represent the fact that out of darkness emerges light. I find it very inspiring.

  2. Funny thing, .... what I see is a bird standing on the branch of a tree... It's was my immediate reaction...

  3. I see a multitude of faces, from that of a child to an older man with a long beard. One blends into another. I also see a full figure of a dancing woman. In the darkness at the base of the piece, is another image. I love the colors. I understand why it sold quickly and know I would be attracted to the person that purchased it. It's a piece that keeps speaking and would never be boring. I would also bet it would work no matter which way it was hung. It has it's own energy. Wonderful!

  4. This is lovely, Ralph. (I, too, see the bird, and a lovely fern.)