Friday, 24 September 2010



Having found pencils and gone through what has been a very interesting and exciting week of learning. Thanks to all who have given so much this week. I thought I would return to try another drawing of a person.

Dave visited our village a couple of weeks ago and I had the pleasure of meeting him. He asked me, before he left if I would attempt a drawing of him. I took a little picture of him on my cell phone.

I have made a start. Now I realise I only have his address no phone number or email. So I will have to write him and ask if he can look on my website. I have posted it there and now here. If he thinks it is a fair capture I will finish it.

By then I will have returned home from my mountains.

During my time away I am going to visit the Derwent Pencil Factory and see what they have on offer for drawing. I feel like a child in a sweet shop.

Never thought I would see the day I was getting excited about pencils.

Have a great weekend. As I said on my other blog I will not manage to post tomorrow but should be back on during my time away. If you have a little spare moment, think of me and my mountains.

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  1. A great drawing Ralph, you are progressin so fast! as for climbing mountains, have fun and be careful. I am waiting for the mountains to come to me!

  2. Climbing and running not always the same thing but these will not come to me so I go to them. I hope you were up early today because you have the call to do something with those creative hands Jerry.

  3. Ralph, oh lucky you. Derwent Pencil Factory I would be oh so happy there. Derwents are the first set of drawing pencils I used, I then went to another brand, but now want to go back to them.. They are the absolute best.. get yourself a good range,they come in sets too. all the B's (soft) are good and the H (hard) at least up to 4H. Have a great time. I hope you accomplish all you set out to do..

  4. I am most envious! Derwent Pencil Factory. Will be like dying and going to heaven I am sure.
    Your drawing is indeed coming along much sensitivity in this one.
    Enjoy the mountains and Derwent.

  5. i would love to see and smell the pencils! i love to smell my box of crayons. aroma therapy!
    have fun and thnx for your kind comment.

  6. Hi Ralph. A pencil factory sounds like great fun. I really like this drawing so far, love the composition. Have a great time in the mountains.