Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Love Reaches Deep 2

Love Reaches Deep 2.

Yes I have used this picture very recently and on a day where I notice my 100th follower has joined this blog I should at least have come up with something more. But I just had to.

I am sure I mentioned at the time that Barbra had taken a copy of this picture of my tree and was going to draw it. She spent days doing so and the final drawing was posted on her blog. What a surprise it was to receive through the post yesterday the very painting. Not a copy of it but the very drawing.

I just had to share this with you today. Art can cross oceans and span the world with its joy.

We should never ever underestimate the power of what we do.

This is the second time somebody has sent me something. Cheryl sent me two lovely cards of her artwork.

There are no words that can ever say what I feel like today.

We artist take pictures or we capture the world in our eye. We see things in a way that others might not have noticed. We also have that wonderful ability to share this with others.

I am not sure we ever are fully aware of what it means to another person to have in their possession the work of an artist. This lesson I have learned.

I will return to painting very soon of that I have no doubt. But I know I will return feeling differently about what it is I am doing and why I am doing it.

How glad I am I took that picture of that tree and then went on to post it here. Do you remember I expressed my doubts about it?

I have put the tree picture on my other blog and here I have put the drawing by  Barbra Joan

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  1. She is a great artist and a wonderful person as I am sure you know Sherry.

  2. Wow, Ralph, a beautiful drawing indeed! and with the original you can feel the soul of the artist!
    A wonderful thing about my cancer (now gone!) is that I received gifts from all over the world! Original paintings, framed photos, Real Cherokee Indian Talismans,lots of Butterflies, an abundance of love and good wishes from a lot of people! I have no doubt these gave me strength!

  3. Can I just say thank you to both of you. Ralph for appreciating and posting my work, and Sherry because you are so 'real' and genuine. My world is better for knowing both of you.